What I Love About Eliana {Age 9}

Every year I wrap Eliana's hair in rag curlers the night before her birthday and take this picture. I told her that after today we only had one more year to do this because she only has 10 fingers. She said noooo! I'll use my toes! haha

What I love about Eliana:

  • she loves pink
  • she's girly
  • she loves skirts and dresses
  • she's sweet and kind
  • she plays so well with Bo
  • she works hard on her school
  • she loves to play outside
  • she loves to climb and hang in trees
  • she likes monkeys and is a monkey herself
  • she loves animals
  • she's a good mama to Buttercup
  • she loves old fashioned things
  • her excitement over the prairie dress I sewed for her
  • she loves YHVH

Eliana, your life at 9 is:

  • playing Playmobil
  • playing "big" and "little"
  • playing with Buttercup
  • going to the store with mom
  • colors pink and coral
  • salad with goat cheese, superfood sprinkles, balsamic and olive oil, and hemp seeds
  • strawberry Zevia
  • homeschool - English is your favorite, math is getting hard
  • ice skating, park, fountains, YMCA, P.E., swimming, chess
  • hanging in the tree
  • Girl Power essential oil blend (your favorite) 

Ye’varech’echa YHVH ve’yish’merecha. Ya’ir YHVH panav eilecha viy-chuneka. Yisa YHVH panav eilecha, ve’yasim lecha shalom.

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